Well! Seven months later I finally get back to this blog. *sigh* What a sad state of affairs, yes? I thought I'd have the time to at least post here occasionally! Perhaps 2016 will go better...

Meanwhile, here am I.

I've made it a newish tradition for myself to write a Christmas poem every year. The last couple of years it hasn't happened (what with moving craziness in 2013, and weird life, spiritual battles in 2014). I was contemplating for the past several months whether I'd get one written this year or not. When it comes to poetry, I'm one of the writers that has to get inspired to even be able to begin. Some writers can decide they're going to write a poem and sit right down immediately and write it. Me? Not so much. Something has to inspire me to get my creative juices flowing. I was about to despair that it wasn't going to happen for the third year in a row, but...!!!

Yes! A couple weeks ago I watched this lovely Christmas video from Bethel late one Saturday night and when I tried to go to sleep afterward, the words just started flowing. I knew if I didn't write them down immediately they would all be dissolved by morning. (I speak from experience, trust me.) So I wrote what I could that night and then the poem sat for a while. FINALLY earlier this week I got inspired again to finish it. (The life of a writer isn't easy, people. Just sayin'.)

When I shared the news on instagram, several people requested copies. One of my blogging friends (the lovely Jamie) requested that I post it somewhere. So here we are! I decided since I've neglected this space for so long I needed to jumpstart my writing here again. (Plus I know Jamie follows me here, or at least she did. She might have given up on me by now, in which case I don't blame her. Seven months is a LONG time!)

Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy.

Mary said yes, Joseph said yes, willing to do it all.
Willing to set themselves aside, willing to heed God's call.
While the world held judgments, curious minds, and questions everywhere,
Mary and Joseph chose God's way, willing their burden to bear.
Their choice was important, their hearts knew it well, they could not deny.
And so in a stable, crude and rough, a newborn began to cry.
Wrapped up tight, held in her arms, the sight of God in man,
Must have humbled their hearts and bent their knees as they held His tiny hand.
Immanuel, God With Us, a big name for One so small,
Yet His earthly father and mother knew He'd come to save us all!

So where are you in this story so big? Right next to the manger bed?
Are you shouting the news and sharing the joy, no matter what anyone's said?
Or do you seek safety in your comfy box, unwilling to step right out?
Scared to go? Has fear taken hold? Is your heart so full of doubt?
Just imagine the idea had Mary said no, what would've happened then?
YES, God could've worked a miracle still, could have come in human skin.
But oh, what a different story we'd have! Mary's choice changed her life.
If she'd said no, would she only be known as merely Joseph's wife?
And Joseph, the carpenter, where would he be? With no faithful step to take?
And you, my friend, do you know the import of the choice you have to make?

What will you do with Jesus? It means life or death for you.
He gave His life, now the question is, are you willing to give yours too?
Oh yes, you may turn your back on Him, He gives you choice most free.
But always, always He's standing there asking "What will you do with Me?"
~ Kara, December 2015