Be Brave

I was just listening to the audiobook for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe the other day. In the story, the four Pevensie children learn about bravery. I was also just reading a post by a dear friend who's started a new blog and realizing how brave that is.

Do you know how scary this is?

To take the words from my head and heart and put them out there. In the open. In the void. Where anyone can see them and read them.....anyone at all.

That's scary!

So why do we do it? Why does any kind of writer do it? Put their words out for consumption. Whether for public viewing or even just a significant other or close friend or family member.

It's bravery I tell you. The desire to share, even knowing it may not matter to anyone else but you. I have absolutely no idea whether anyone is even reading this teeny tiny little blog of mine. It's certainly not very exciting around here. But for some unexplainable reason, I felt the need to put the words here.

My words. My thoughts. My heart.

Even if no one else ever reads them, I needed to get them out.

So here am I. My little bitty brave of the day is hitting the publish button on blogger.


Seemingly insignificant.

But here I am anyway. You know why?

Because one small step...can be the beginning of a journey I've yet to realize. And whatever and wherever it takes me. I am so there.

You matter.

Your words matter.

Your heart matters.....just like mine.

So be brave! Whatever that looks like for you.....be brave.


  1. I really like you :) I mean, really. So glad to have discovered your little corner, Kara. You are indeed very brave for creating this gorgeous blog. And what a heartfelt post. Beautiful vulnerability, beautifully conveyed. God bless you, my friend.

    1. Thank you, my friend! Those words are so sweet to my heart. :) This little spot definitely took some bravery to start. But I just felt the need to put my words out there. Not sure why, but maybe someday I'll know.

      Thank you for reading and for simply being you. I always appreciate your thoughts. :)