A Beginning.......

Here am I.

A beginning.

The first step of a journey.

Where it will take me? I've no idea.

Still.....here I am.

Heart words....hard words.....thought words......fun words.......what am I doing words.......

Bring your tea, your coffee, (or other drink of choice.....or no drink at all!) and your hearts. Because mine is about to open up to share.....

Stick around for the moments?


  1. '' Stick around for the moments?''

    I will most definitely!! Love it! xx

    1. Thanks Ganise! This is a new little venture of mine, so I'm pleased you found your way here. It's not a secret, I just consider the things I'm writing here to be very different from Flowers of Quiet Happiness, which is why I haven't really said much about it. I just wanted a place to put my thoughts. :)